Homeshop18 IN

HomeShop18 is the pioneer in TV shopping in India as it changed the way India shop by launching the first 24 hour Home Shopping TV channel. Today, the company brings the perfect balance between TV shopping and digital cum online shopping with India's best online selling site, and HomeShop18 Mobile App.
Shopping here is so much easier and fun with wide range of products at value for money prices. And what's more, it saves time too. HomeShop18 has a unique shopping concept that lets you buy from the ease of your home while you are relaxing and watching television or while browsing the internet or through the mobile app or mobile website. This is the only home shopping site in India that equally caters to the wide customer base through television, online and digital medium.
Jewellery (New TV) & Health and Beauty (New Non TV)5.60% CPSJewellery (New Non TV) & Apparel (New Non TV)4.40% CPSHousehold Appliances (New TV)3.90% CPSwatches (New TV), Gifts, Baby, Toys, Footwear, watches, Home/Kitchen (New Non TV), Jewellery (Repeat TV), Health and Beauty (Repeat Non TV)2.80% CPSAccessories (New TV)1.60% CPSCameras (New TV), Electronics (New TV), Mobiles (New TV), Accessories (New Non TV), Electronics (New Non TV), Computers (New Non TV), Computers (Repeat TV), Household Appliances (Repeat Non TV)1.10% CPSCameras (New Non TV), Mobiles (New Non TV), Cameras (Repeat TV), Electronics (Repeat TV), Mobiles (Repeat TV), Accessories (Repeat Non TV), Electronics (Repeat Non TV), Computers (Repeat Non TV)0.50% CPSMobiles (Repeat Non TV), Cameras (Repeat Non TV)0.20% CPSAccessories (Repeat TV)0.80% CPSwatches (Repeat TV), watches (Repeat Non TV), Home/Kitchen (Repeat Non TV), Gifts, Baby, Toys, Footwear, (Repeat Non TV)1.40% CPSHome/Kitchen (Repeat TV)1.80% CPSHousehold Appliances (Repeat TV)1.90% CPSComputers (New TV), Household Appliances (New Non TV), Jewellery (Repeat Non TV), Apparel (Repeat Non TV)2.20% CPSApparel (Repeat TV)2.50% CPSGifts, Baby, Toys, Footwear, (New TV), Health and Beauty (Repeat TV)3.30% CPSApparel (New TV)5.00% CPSHealth and Beauty (New TV)6.70% CPSHome/Kitchen (New TV)3.60% CPS