L'EPONGE is a passionate brand for aromas, for 13 years developing and creating perfume lines for homes and environments, promoting well-being and harmony.
Its fragrances are inspired by nature and the most beautiful species of flowers, trees, fields and gardens around the world, bringing out feelings and awakening senses.
With three stores in Rio, strategically located in Barra Shopping, Shopping Leblon and Rio Sul, it offers complete lines, consisting of diffusers and ambient sprays, liquid and bar soaps, moisturizers, running water, candles and articles in general, to harmonize and scent your life!
L'EPONGE believes in the power of aromas to convey and exude the personality of each environment, attracting and arousing good and positive emotions.
Various forms of payment;
100% secure site;
Various promotions;
Plots up to 3X without interest.
Come and enjoy!