About us

Everybody knows that buying on the Internet you can save a lot of money. In addition, many people realize that you can save even more if you get an additional discount at the time of promotion stock.

Main problem is that the information about discounts are hard to find. You have to spend a lot of time searching for discounts on a product you want to buy.

Allsales.guru is a discounts aggregator, sales, promo codes and special offers. We carefully collect and update all available and actual prices of online stores in Russia and CIS countries on our site.

If there is a discount on your product, you are sure to find it here!

The site contains the following options for discounts:

  • SALE



SALE – if you want the product became cheaper, just click on the coupon you like, and you go to the store page where the price is to be displayed based on the discount you expect!

SPECIAL OFFER are unique products that are not so easy to find on the Internet, and they are not sold in regular online stores. Just click on the offer for acquaintance with it.

PROMO CODE is a set of numbers and letters where discount is encrypted. For use it - it is only necessary to choose a suitable discount code (coupon), copy it and paste into the appropriate window on the online store. If you click on a promo code, the code is automatically copied and opens the site on that a promo code activates. Just paste it by pressing CTRL + V, where you will be asked when placing an order.

That's all! This is so easy way to save a decent amount of money. At the same time, all Promo codes, coupons and special offers on our site are completely free!

About Allsales

We closely cooperate with the store's website that provide us with discounts, coupons and promo codes to help you make the most favorable purchase through the online store of a company. Therefore, we are interested in the relevance of discounts, promo codes, special offers, and every day we are searching for new discounts to help you save money.