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Marriott International - Партнерская программа США
“Marriott International is one of the largest lodging companies in the world and a leader in global hospitality. With more than 6,000 hotels in 120 countries and 29 brands, Marriott has something for every type of traveler.”
1. Когда бронь оплачена непосредственно в отеле;
2. В случае предварительной оплаты брони картой - после освобождения номера в гостинице (check out) . Лиды находятся в обработке до наступления одного из указанных условий.  Данный срок обработки и утверждения лидов может быть уменьшен или увеличен в исключительных случаях.
Terms and conditions that speaks about these rates being non-commissionable:
1. Rooms offered at specially negotiated rates, where the customer is required to be affiliated with or employed by a particular company or organization to receive the special rate (e.g., corporate rate, government rate or the Marriott employee rate). Marriott like other chains has contracts with many major corporations and when a reservation is made using a corporate code, that usually will bring up the non commission rate statement.
2. Rooms offered at specially negotiated rates for Marriott Rewards members (e.g. Rewards offer a discount, Rewards offer package), with the exception of Marriott Reward Member rates.
3. Rooms that are booked or upgraded and paid for using redeemed Marriott Rewards Points."